OE Ten Year Reflection: Crystal Baxley

The 9th reflection in our blog series comes to us in the form of a video made on vacation post #OE2018 by Open Engagment Associate Director Crystal Baxley.

If anyone deserves a vacation following the conference I can’t think of a more worthy person. This pat (that is the word for a group of flamingos if your weren’t in the know!) of flamingos feels like the perfect echo to a weekend of togetherness.

Crystal Baxley started working on Open Engagement when she was 22 years old; in January she turned 30. In addition to her work with OE, she pays her bills by providing administrative assistance and grant writing for artists and arts non-profits. She is currently seeking opportunities to make a living wage, write for television, spend time in nature, travel, drink natural wine, and collaboratively work to dismantle white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.