As we gear up for Open Engagement 2018 – SUSTAINABILITY, we are seeking a Local Support/Open House Manager and a Social Media Manager.

These positions can be taken on individually or combined. Our ideal candidate is a New York-based artist or culture worker with experience and knowledge of socially-engaged practices.

If you are interested, please apply by sending an email with a short paragraph about your interest in Open Engagement and the posted position(s) along with contact info for two references to Attach a CV or resumé. You may also send up to 5 relevant work samples, but this is not required. More information about each position is below. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are also looking for interns to join our team! More at the bottom of this page.

As an itinerant conference that cares deeply about local contexts, Open Engagement needs a dedicated team player to develop and manage local relationships, understand and uphold the local context and issues, and help to ensure that the conference is a meaningful site for local participation. This individual is expected to be a team player and work with the dedicated OE team to shape the conference.

•Identify individuals and organizations that could be interested in OE 2018 for Open House Tours, Conversational Dinner Facilitators, or just attending the conference
•Establish & maintain relationships with these individuals and organizations
•Follow up via phone calls, emails, video meetings as needed
• Gastronomical/social advising
•Site visits as needed
•Open House Tour Coordination, including: schedule, map creation with public transportation information and travel times where possible (using Google Maps), procuring print information (including accessibility and public-facing contact information)
•Responsible for securing content for Open House section of print catalog
•Responsible for uploading Open House information to OE website
•Assist team in editing the print catalog
•Pre & Post-conference set-up and take-down; expect to be working on the ground with us roughly May 7th – 17th (exact schedule TBD in collaboration by April 15th)
•Select & manage any interns desired
•Other duties as needed

Compensation: $5000.
Contact End Date: June 1, 2018

The OE Social Media Manager is responsible for creating and managing a social media team to develop and implement the social media plan for OE. This role works in tandem with annual partners, consortium and host institutions to expand the OE social media reach. Also responsible for working with the conference directors to develop a thematic approach and plan.

•Become familiar with OE 2018 program of accepted presenters
•Creation and implementation of OE social media strategy
•Oversees OE Blog
•Oversees OE IG, Twitter, and FB
•Create & communicate OE hashtags, etc.
•Select & manage any interns desired
•Works with partners and consortium to extend OE’s social media reach, including reconnecting with past sponsors/partners where appropriate
•Works with social media strategist at Queens Museum to align plans + missions
•Responsible for social media communications inc. direct messages
•Create social media posts that highlights local history and contemporary institutions, accepted presenters, artists, and actions
•Assist with creating and editing press releases and announcements, including Mailchimp and art&education
•Assist with editing OE print catalog
•Assist with the creation and implementation of strategies to boosting registration sales
•Create & implement action plan for social media coverage during the conference
•On-site and active during entire conference, including days leading up to and directly following as needed
•Other duties as needed

Compensation: $2500.
Contact End Date: June 1, 2018

Join our team as an intern! Interns help with all aspects of the conference, including project management, administration, and communications. Interns can be located anywhere in the United States; residents of New York City are particularly encouraged to apply. All interns are expected to demonstrate an appreciation for and understanding of Socially Engaged Art. OE internships are unpaid, but we are happy to work with your educational institution to arrange for course credit.
Interns must be highly organized, reliable, detail-oriented, and possess excellent written and oral communication and strong interpersonal skills. Must be comfortable working with Apple and PC computers, Google Drive applications, social media platforms, and basic internet research skills.

To Apply: Email with a resume and a brief letter indicating your interest in Open Engagement, and let us know about you, your interests, skills, and what you’d like to get out of working with OE. Please use the subject line “OE 2018 Intern Application.”

End Date: June 1, 2018 (or before as dictated by academic schedule)

Hours: Expect around 5 hours a week, with potential for increased hours during certain planning periods, including the weeks before and week after the conference.

Duties and Responsibilities:
OE Interns agree to:
•Attend an initial Intern Orientation meeting
•Work as a full and integral part of the OE team
•Attend in a participatory manner all monthly OE Team meetings (to be attended online)
•Attend in an observational manner monthly meetings with OE and host partner (as needed)
•Be present and available for the full three days of the conference, May 11-13th, as well as the week leading up to and the week following the conference on a flexible basis
•Maintain regular communication with OE Team Members
•Fulfill the requirements of the intern’s home institution, if applicable

OE Team Members agree to:
•Provide a comprehensive overview of the history, mandate, mission, goals, structures, and working methods of OE
•Work with Interns as full and equal members of the team
•Provide the information and guidance necessary to be successful at the tasks assigned
•Provide the necessary introductions to the appropriate people
•Be clear about the tasks to be completed, as well as a timeline of these work duties
•Give appropriate feedback in a timely and professional manner
•Work with the intern to create a meaningful working experience
•Assist the intern in meeting the credit requirements as set up by their host institution