6018North artists, Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project

6018North is an artist-centered, sustainable, nonprofit platform and venue for innovative art and culture. Located in a dilapidated mansion, we create intimate encounters that challenge what art is, whom it’s for, and where and how it’s created.

Chicago-based performance and video artist Kirsten Leenaars’ practice is place-and community-based. Her participatory works, shown nationally and internationally, explore a quintessential American ideal: the pursuit of happiness. Leenaars is an Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute.

The Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project (EESP) is an all volunteer group whose goal is to create a healthy environment and a sustainable future by minimizing current demand while conserving resources for future generations.

Sarah Mallin is a chef, organic gardener, medicinal herb farmer, artist, and educator dedicated to improving how we breathe, eat, and grow together. In Chicago she runs Pyrite Sun, a catering company creating sensory art with food grown at The Physic Garden at The Pie Patch.


April 21, 2017
Practicing Utopia Over Breakfast
6018North, 6018 N Kenmore, Chicago, IL 60660
10:00am  -  12:00pm