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Who benefits? Partnering with “Big Tech” to make real social change.

May 1, 2016
10:00am  -  11:30pm
High Bay Gallery, Great Hall — Level 2

Over the past decade, poverty and homelessness in the Bay Area have increased while racial diversity has decreased. Much of the blame has recently fallen on tech companies, whose employment growth has fueled an influx of migration and a rise in displacement. Many social justice organizations now find that they must work with the very industries which have adversely affected the populations those same organizations serve. This presentation details how BAVC confronts this challenge every day and has developed new partnership models in response.

This event will be immediately followed by a facilitated discussion to continue exploring the ideas brought up by the panel. Participants are invited to join the facilitator and take part in these 50 minute Digester conversations at the end of this panel.

2016 — Oakland  POWER