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War Hoop Flash Mob

April 29, 2016

A War Hoop calls out not from nothing and not silence, but it has meaning and intent. It is heard and fades again. It is responsive. The call exists in memory. Black intellectual and poet Fred Moten writes, “The history of blackness is testament to the fact that objects can and do resist”, resistance is woven into our existence. Being a Black and Native artist with an Indigenous identity, I know that Indigeneity, that Black and Indian, are never wholly civil and acceptable because our existence is resistance. The War Hoop Flash Mob is a celebration of resistance, of art and life that calls out and claims the space to exist, to breathe and make sound. Tribally, the War Hoop carries a certain sound, but this is not required and everyone is encouraged to participate. Come and use your voice and express yourself in any way you choose. The War Hoop Flash Mob is a performative art piece by Natalie M Ball and it is open to the public.

2016 — Oakland  POWER  Projects