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Value Propositions for Socially Engaged Projects

May 1, 2016
12:30pm  -  1:30pm
Gallery of California History (Left Side) — Level 2

This session will consider the power socially engaged artists have to frame their work in terms of its value proposition. Each stakeholder group in a social practice project is ideally participating for a specific reason. By clearly articulating these motivations, or the value the project is delivering to each group, artists can make more meaningful projects, clarify stakeholder relationships, write better proposals, and even identify new potential partners and funding sources. This discussion will delve deeply into one or more projects’ relationships to stakeholders, funders, institutional supporters, and external audiences, with a focus on identifying new opportunities by being able to talk about projects in terms of whom they serve, and how.

 Conversation series events are limited to 30 participants on a first-come, first serve basis.

2016 — Oakland  Conversation Series