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The Value of the Long Haul: Fundred + SUSTAINING IMPACT: Considering a project’s impact over decades.

May 12, 2018
3:00  -  4:30
Studio Triangle, Artists Studio Wing, First Floor, Queens Museum

This session will feature two presentations:

The Value of the Long Haul: Fundred
Fundred Project: Pat Clifford, Maps Glover, Dawne Langford, “Audrey” Zhuoer Liu, Mary Rubin, Amanda Wiles, Elijah Williamson

As the Fundred Project enters its tenth year, team members will discuss learnings, challenges, and the future. Topics include working with affected communities, themes of value and empathy, deepening partnerships, and sustainability. Initiated by the artist Mel Chin in 2008 as an interdisciplinary, artist-driven project to advance solutions to lead poisoning, Fundred has grown into a national effort, powered by the people. The latest iteration includes Fundred Reserve Open Lab in Washington, DC.

SUSTAINING IMPACT: Considering a project’s impact over decades.
Tiffany Fairey

This presentation will explore the question of how the impacts of socially engaged community arts projects are sustained over time. Drawing on research that 1) explores the significance of their participation for 10 former participant photographers from TAFOS (Peru), 15-20 years after the project end and 2) examines the characteristics of long-term participatory photography projects, I will explore the multi-layered question of sustainability as it relates to questions of funding, evaluation, ‘value’ and practitioner commitment. Is sustainability possible? And if it is, is it desirable?

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