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The Evolution of Power in Oakland: A Stairwell’s Field Trip

May 1, 2016
12:00pm  -  1:30pm
Meet at OEHQ — Level 3

Stairwell’s (Sarah Hotchkiss and Carey Lin) leads a 90-minute ticketed group walking tour for 25 people. Beginning and ending at the Oakland Museum of California, the walk traces the evolution of power in an alternate definition of the word (energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical or other means). From campfires to solar energy, we’ll chart the history of Oakland (from the Huchiun Indians to present day) through the ways in which it created and consumed power. The walking tour will include group games, unconventional data gathering and impromptu field recordings to expand collective understandings of place and the everyday.
Advanced Purchase Required

2016 — Oakland  POWER  Projects