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Rancho Grande: A Bus Tour for Coping, Surviving, Overcoming and Re-Seeding

May 1, 2016
3:20pm  -  3:35pm
High Bay Gallery, Great Hall — Level 2

A tour in the making: We travel the palimpsest of Rancho San Antonio and find evidence of practical strategies for aggregating power. We learn from grinding stones, Panther programs, restored riparian arroyos, Oakland Port protests, small businesses. Everyone is a tour guide: passengers interpret, storytellers invoke tactics for resisting and thriving. Musicians sing to overcome. Performers enact triumphs. A librarian-in-residence consults Delilah Beasley and Jack London. Attendees contribute to a mutable record of resourcefulness found within the site of the East Bay’s original land grab.

2016 — Oakland  Open Platform