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Part of the Solution + Symphony for a Broken Orchestra + Plantón Móvil: Moving-With to Practice Community

May 13, 2018
3:00  -  4:30
Unisphere Gallery, Second Floor, Queens Museum

Part of the Solution
Iris Anna Regn and Mayen Alcantara, Los Angeles Country Arts Commission Civic Art Program
In Part of the Solution: YES to ADU, the Civic Art program coalesces the interests of many departments in the County around Affordable Housing Strategy F4 of the Homeless Initiative to design a framework, which invites the creative community to find balanced approaches to building cities and towns. The program promotes the development of Accessory Dwelling Units- ADU’s- by gathering ideas that can be referenced as a resource to generate solutions related to new affordable housing typologies.

Symphony for a Broken Orchestra
Robert Blackson
There are over 1,000 broken instruments owned by Philadelphia’s public schools and no budget to fix them. Symphony for a Broken Orchestra has united hundreds of Philadelphia musicians and audiences in support of music education by playing a composition written specifically for the sounds these broken instruments can make. After the performance instrument repair professionals will repair all of the fixable instruments and return them to the public schools they came from in the fall of 2018.

Plantón Móvil: Moving-With to Practice Community
Lucia Monge
Plantón Móvil is a participatory performance that has happened yearly since 2010. People and plants come together as a “walking forest” to advocate for accessible public green spaces as a basic right, to promote the value of native species without stigmatizing “invasives,” and to recognize plants as our living neighbors in the city. To walk-with plants is a way to practice community that includes life-forms beyond human.

2018  Parallel Session