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The Attention Economy & Cultural Capitalism of the White Savior Art Market + No Way to Do This Right

May 13, 2018
12:30  -  2:00
Studio Triangle, Artists Studio Wing, First Floor, Queens Museum

This session will feature two presentations:

The Attention Economy & Cultural Capitalism of the White Savior Art Market
Artists Without a Cause: Diana Arce and Nine Yamamoto-Masson in absentia

This session is first a presentation, then discussion, about the pervasive, unadressed privileges that form the very premise of “socially engaged art” in Germany since the “beginning” of the “refugee crisis” in 2015. As B/PoC immigrant artists/activists in Berlin, we have observed the intensification of the white saviour artist industrial complex and analysed its financial art economy, in which cultural institutions are catalysts&profiteers. “Affective discharge” is thus an art commodity, circulated only among the privileged, with marginalised Others as mere projection screen and art material.


No Way to Do This Right
Roger Peet

Drawing on art & conservation work in DR Congo, this talk will examine how contradictory priorities for the natural world combat each other through crises economic, familial and military, and dig into a dark and personal history of colonialism. It will address the contradictions of working within state structures in a failed state, the possibilities of community theater and comedy in the far forest, and ramifications of crime and treason on the management of foreign ideas in a wild meat economy.

2018  Parallel Session