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Mel Chin Featured Presentation

May 13, 2018
10:00  -  11:30
Main Atrium, First Floor, Queens Museum

“Is it something I said?” — Richard Pryor 1975

In the presence of ALL OVER the PLACE, an exhibition featuring over 40 years of Mel Chin’s art practice, with themes like Destroying Angels of Our Creation, the Artifice of Facts and Belief, Levity’s Wounds and Gravity’s Well and the Cruel Light of the Sun, Chin will critically review some of his methods for engaging with society. His talk will explore the conjunction of studio works, like The Funk and Wag from A to Z, with a three-city effort like Flint Fit. He presents an examination of how art can create the questions necessary in the face of environmental ruin and intense societal polarization.

2018  Featured Presentation