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Listings Project Forum: Empowering Creatives to Find Live and Work Space

April 30, 2016
12:40pm  -  12:55pm
High Bay Gallery, Great Hall — Level 2
Stephanie Diamond is the founder and creator of Listings Project—a free, weekly email of real estate and opportunities listings serving artists, creative communities, and beyond. Stephanie is currently expanding Listings Project in the Bay Area and is asking Open Engagement participants to partake, give input, and share Listings Project with friends. For over a decade, Stephanie has personally connected sincere seekers with highly vetted listers. The Listings Project community started with just 50 artists and has grown to 130,000 + in 70 countries and across the United States. Stephanie recently relocated to the Bay Area from New York City, where she was born and raised.

2016 — Oakland  Open Platform