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In between Here and There: Picnic and Conversation for Mixed Race Women

April 30, 2016
12:00pm  -  1:30pm
Garden Picnic Tables

Oakland-based Egyptian American artist Sarah Farahat invites women of mixed race to join her for a picnic and conversation in the OMCA gardens. Power can look like many things and sometimes she is assumed or unrecognizable. The artist welcomes self-identified mixed race women to take a moment together to relish the power of in between-ness: of slippage, of fuzzy, frizzy, straight, unruly, freckly, caramel, obsidian, ochre and alabaster. Together we will ask questions, speak story and meet one another in-between Here and There.
Advanced ticket purchase required, click here to purchase. Low income tickets also available, contact project organizer at ticket purchase link.

2016 — Oakland  POWER  Projects