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FIELDWORKS: Open Engagement

April 30, 2016
12:00pm  -  1:30pm
Lecture Hall –– Level 1

What happens when artists dare to change the world? How can art and community come together to reimagine the way we live? FIELDWORKS is a short documentary series presented by A Blade of Grass that explores the beauty, rigor, and impact of socially engaged art. FIELDWORKS: Season One, produced by RAVA Films and One Hundred Seconds, spotlights ABOG’s Distinguished Fellow, Mel Chin, and 2014 ABOG Fellows: Brett Cook, Pablo Helguera, Fran Ilich, Jan Mun, SexEd, and Jody Wood. The 40-minute screening will be followed by a short discussion and Q&A.

2016 — Oakland  Continuing OE