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Collaboration Across Research Platforms in Socially-Engaged Art

May 1, 2016
2:30pm  -  4:30pm
Studio Classroom — Level 1

As artists and art organizations advance the goals and practice of socially-engaged art, many also seek to create and mobilize research platforms. Whether on blogs or in published books, through museums or universities, in journal essays or in databases, the discursive landscape around socially-engaged art is expanding.  How can we make collaborative use of this proliferation?  Do different kinds of organizations play different roles in this landscape?  Do different agents—artists, critics, scholars, curators, policy-makers, program officers—have different professional connections to art research?   

The Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley presents speakers such as ABOG’s Deborah Fisher, SFMOMA’s Dominic Willsdon, Artist Pedro Lasch, UC Berkeley’s Shannon Jackson, OE’s Jen Delos Reyes, Imagining America’s Jan Cohen-Cruz and Kara Q. Smith from DSAP: Daily Serving | Art Practical, to think through the future of socially-engaged art research.

2016 — Oakland  Continuing OE