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Ai-jen Poo and Marisa Jahn – Solutions for the CareForce

April 22, 2017
7:00pm  -  8:30pm
UIC Forum

Solutions for the CareForce is a presentation and conversation by MacArthur Genius Ai-jen Poo (Founder, National Domestic Workers Alliance; Co-Founder, Caring Across Generations) and artist Marisa Morán Jahn (Founder, Studio REV-) that explores the intersection between creativity, caregiving, feminism, immigration, and socio-economic and racial justice. Ai-jen will give context to the movement for domestic workers’ rights and the urgency for solutions to America’s care crisis. Marisa, an artist who has created art with nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers and collaborators like Ai-jen since 2011, will present the CareForce, a public art project, Sundance-supported web series (CareForce One Travelogues), and mobile studio (the CareForce One).

UIC Forum
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