•72 Hours to respond to emails. No email is truly urgent, or it would not be an email. 🙂

•Arts Administration should not be confused with customer service.

•Administrators in all fields deserve the ability to eat their meals at a table, designed for eating, not a desk. 

•Administrators in the arts are entitled to an end to their work day and their work week. It should be generally assumed that this means weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and times after 5pm during the week. There should be zero expectations of a response or a specialized task being requested and then performed on the part of an arts administrator during off hours or off days. If the arts administrator decides to perform said task at this time, it should be regarded with acknowledgement of this extra labor in the form of payment, gratitude, and hours off in-kind in the future. 

•Arts administrators deserve the right to make art, critique art, curate art, support art, experience art, benefit from art and share in any intellectual, cultural or monetary gains yielded by the works and trajectories and collections and spaces they enable. 

•Arts administrators have autonomous human bodies. These bodies need to work freely, to age, to become pregnant, to eat normally, to sit and stand in ergonomic contexts.

•Arts administrators can unionize if they want to.

•Arts administrators, and all administrators for that matter, perform valid, necessary work that allows the world as we know it to function. This work is not more or less designed for any gender. Any commonly held perception that administration is a gendered task will not be an excuse to devalue or demonetize the work at hand. It is not more or less valuable than any other work, including the production of art itself.

•Arts administration is a field for all class backgrounds. Unpaid internships are not.

This is a living document written by Open Engagement (Jen Delos Reyes, Crystal Baxley, Latham Zearfoss) August 2018 at ACRE. If you have suggestions for additions/changes, let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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